An interactive way to nalysing Karma and the journey of life understanding which lessons  an incarnated soul receives during its life time.

The allegory of Ulysses journey  from Homer gives the keys for understanding how works the mechanism of life .

A unique life changing learning experience that sheds light in the mystery of existence and the soul’s journey through the material world. Our journey will mirror that of the Karmic Journey of Odysseus, whose trials and tribulations led to valuable life lessons and, subsequently, his karmic fulfilment known as “Eimarmeni”. Understanding the concepts associated with Eimarmeni (like fate, luck, destiny and karma) can lead one to understanding their existence, life theme, soul journey, as well as things to act on, avoid, or expect in life.


The Karmic Journey of Odysseus is an interactive seminar consisting of four workshops. Each workshop aims to analyse Eimarmeni (Karma) and the journey of life through understanding the life lessons an incarnated soul receives. Much like Odysseus, Hierocles, and our great Greek Philosophers, you will receive the golden keys via which to: Understand how a soul is called into incarnation and, thus, your own incarnation View the Odyssey from a philosophical perspective and as a self-development tool Decode Odysseus’ journey and its hidden messages pertaining to life and karma Understand Eimarmeni in your own life Acquire the tools for self-realisation and self-improvement, both spiritually and physically Awaken to your own life mission and purpose We welcome you to a life-changing experience and rare opportunity for self-growth!

Being language conscious, she has been studying Greek Philosophy since 1994, focusing on the Greek language issues and its codes, which are revealed with the etymological analysis of the Greek words.Since her first book Kratylos she has written three books: 1) Odyssey - The cosmic voyage of the soul 2) From Odysseus of Homer to Odysseus Elytis, and 3) Dionysus - The God and the man, referring to a full analysis of god Dionysus and the evolution of man.

Organised by Niroi

Tutor: Maria Marangou


12 Mitropoliti Kyprianou, Ilioupoli, Athens

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