A Seminar of 4 workshops

                              with Eleftheria Fillippou ​


An interactive workshop for inquisitive minds who seek to learn how to apply the Socratic Method to their daily lives. "Because what happens to midwives happens to me too; I do not produce wisdom. And for the one thing for which many people have so far mocked me, while asking others questions, I give no answer, for nothing, because I have no wisdom - And what is the reason for this: God forces me to be born but prevents me from being born".

The COACHING, which originates from the Socratic Method known as Midwifery, uses the renowned ancient form of inquiry and debate to stimulate introspection and critical thinking. When a person internally inquires using questions, the questions stimulate the mind and “awaken” it. Every question generates an answer and every answer turns into a new question and therefore a new perspective.

BENEFITS: - The Socratic Method is meant to assist the inquirer in giving birth to the best version of themselves. - The inquirer accepts ignorance, queries and answers questions, and realises new perspectives. - The inquirer learns how to analyse external data, activate intuition and induce critical thinking. The true question is waking up!



It analyses the Three Parts of the Soul according to Plato, and their alignment.

The more balanced we are, the more easily we devote time to our thoughts, feelings, and desires. Each of these shape our reality in every given moment.



It focuses on the Ladder of Success. What is the correct process via which our questions can attain our goals? How is this achieved? What steps should we personally take?



It looks at modern-day findings and applications. What does modern science support? What is the step-by-step process of finding the truth? Conversation and practising of the method is included.



This final workshop takes a deep look into the Apology of Socrates and the life of Socrates. You will furthermore be acquainted with the interpretation of the daemon and how to practise Greek meditation. ​


DURATION 3 hours for each workshop

WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Those interested in self-improvement through a series of interactive workshops - max 12 persons


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