Move your way to self-realisation through the mythos and symbolism of the ancients! Apollo and Dionysus, the symbols of the mind and heart in Greek Mythology, invite you to their dance between light and darkness.

These two sides of the psyche exist in every person in variable intensity and expression.

By balancing each using the archetypical qualities of Apollo and Dionysus, one can achieve harmony between their light and dark attributes.


Through this workshop you will learn:

- About the importance of art in human expression, philosophy, and self-development

 - How to utilise movement, music, and speech to express, understand, and harmonise your inmost qualities

- Techniques to achieving “synthesis” between the mind and heart through Greek culture

The archetypical symbolism and myths of Apollo and Dionysus


Join us in the dance of life and allow your own Apollo and Dionysus to unravel!


Duration: 1 hour 


Literature :

"The Hymn to the Sun" by Mesomedes of Crete 2ndCentury A.D.

  and "The Bacchae" by Euripides  5thcentury B.C.


12 Mitropoliti Kyprianou, Ilioupoli, Athens

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