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Creative Director

Studies in Graphic Arts and Photography he lived in England for 10 years where he won the Innovative business award for the year 2006 with his company Immersive360 (co-founder and Creative and PR director), while he was also co-founder and Communications director with Diktyogenesis company in Greece. He has created the photo group Luminus photographers.

“After 10 years in London I have returned to Greece to live a life that connects me with heart. I envision a world where people will live with love a free life with joy and children will be empowered to follow their dreams”



PR & Events Director

HR coordinator

Born in a small village of South of Italy, graduated in Economy of tourism at the University Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna –Italy with a Master Degree in Tourism quality management - Rome. Following her passion for the Ancient Greek culture, her love for the nature,t the well being,he children and the dance..she left her tourist career to start an adventural journey with Niroi aiming to organize experiential activities that combine the practice of the classical Greek arts through workshops, performances and events with the improvement of the psychophysical wellbeing and the inner harmony.

"I left Italy 16 years ago and chose to live in Greece because I love its culture  and its land. My dream is to spread the values of the hellenic culture to help humanity to reconnect with their own nature and live with joy and freedom like I DO”




Finance Director

General administrator

Studied Business Management at Lille 2 University (France) and has worked for the past 15 years with big companies in customer support, sales, and management positions.

He has participated as project manager and directed coaching projects aiming to bring education to children living in remote areas and to activate people’s empowerment and social integration.  

"I envision a world where children who will be the leaders of the new humanity to be educated with the ideals and virtues of Greek culture that will enable to live a life with joy, with awareness and respect to the other human beings and the mother earth"

Since the age of 15, I’ve been obsessed with examining a life worth living inspired by my ancient Greek ancestors. Every time I was facing a problem, I would go back to study philosophers and spiritual teachers on the subject, yet always used my critical thinking and intuition guides to identify what feels right in my heart. Fast forward 15 years following my teenage beach volleyball career, where I championed on a national level in Greece. Following my studies in International Communication Management at the Hague University in the Netherlands, where my horizons expanded by making friends from all over the world. Since 2014 my professional career continued in the heart of the city of London, adding commercial value for companies including Ascential Events and WGSN.

Through all those experiences, life held me from not loving myself much through embracing my inner goddess. From being co-dependent emotionally with my parents to standing on my own feet emotionally and wholeheartedly loving the woman I am. This is how my framework was developed, with a holistic approach to self-love and confidence. Now helping women through my online course and my coaching to embrace their inner goddess and claim their power.



Self love

and confidence coach




Web Content Editor


Film Director


Business Growth Mentor

Angie Droulias is a professional writer, editor and content specialist. She has a long career is language teaching and also holds a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia as well as a diploma in Creative Writing. She has worked with worldwide publishing companies, language schools, blog businesses, artists, educational institutes and organisations

Started his career in BBC Training Center, London, at 1986.  In 1993  was director of news and journals in Macedonia TV channel. He was also the director of productions of ANT1 TV and director of all the channel's TV shows. 

He is founder of Exoptron Limited company for the production of HD documentaries for international TV market.

Documentaries of the company are “The Valley of Roses”.   , “Spirulina The Amazing Algae” and “Olive Tree: The Gift of the Goddess”.

He is specialist in Web-TV and a Broadcast Development Manager in London. Member of the Union of Directors of Greece, of EBU and of International Documentary Association. 

George N. Vlachos focuses on Sustainable Business Models and Business Development.
In that frame he deals a lot with Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship.
He insists on the Business Model Canvas implementation, as a key tool for successful business planning.




 Sociocracy Facilitator

Panerythmia instructor


Self development coach






Writer and Philologist

Tutorof Greek language and philosophy

Eleni Koulizaki

Greek language etymology

Maria Marangou

Odyssey and Etymology

Graduated in Legal studies, Philology and languages at University of Athens. He has deepened his knowledge about the roots of Greek language and got into a deep understanding and knowledge about the origins of the Ancient Greek language as the mother language of the modern Greek but also many other contemporary languages of our planet. Since 2013 he is focused exclusively into his writing, translating and teaching work. He is the director of Heliodromion cultural and educational center. He is a tutor of Ancient Greek language, history and philosophy and he has written and translated several books about Greek language and heritage. He has given various lectures in Athens, Greece and also abroad.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Patras, in Philosophy department.

She has experience οf 10 years as a teacher of Ancient Greek Language, Greek Philosophy and Greek Mythology for children, youngsters and adults.

She is the creator of a unique teaching method of Ancient Greek Language for children aged 3-12 years old. The aim of her method is to emphasize the continuation of the unified Greek language from the ancient years to the present.

Being language conscious, she has been studying Greek Philosophy since 1994, focusing on the Greek language issues and its codes, which are revealed with the etymological analysis of the Greek words.
Since her first book Kratylos she has written three books: 1) Odyssey - The cosmic voyage of the soul 2) From Odysseus of Homer to Odysseus Elytis, and 3) Dionysus - The God and the man, referring to a full analysis of god Dionysus and the evolution of man.


Yiannis Trantas

Theatre director- Actor

Eliana Perifanou

Actress - performer

Evangelia Thalassini

Director-Actor-Ancient Greek Drama researcher

He has40 years experiences as actor, director and music composer. Member of the Association of Greek actors and the international Association of Theater. Co-founder of Theatrical Club of Volos city and founder and artistic director of Theatrical House of Erineos. He has theoritical , practical studies and research in theatre and ancient Greek Drama.

Giannis has participated in various well- known theatrical performances in Greece and international festivals (Germany, Italy, Swizerland, India, Spain etc)

Won 1st world prize at Spain Seville festival - Expo 1992.

Ancient Greek Drama professor at several international drama's school such as  the Drama's Academy of Pechino in

2017,the Drama's school of Bologna etc.


She is a qualified actress,graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts “Modern Times”, in Athens,and the department of Theatre Studies at the University of Patras .She holds a Master of Arts in Applied Theatre from the Goldsmiths University of London . 

Expert drama teacher with wide experience in facilitating teaching programmes.Since 2014 she teaches to children and young people the symbolism and archetype of Greek myth and philosophy.She strongly believes that experience and action are affective techniques to encourage the participants to reveal their inner self actively, by using the tools of this seminar, instead of having a passive role.Her goal is to help them succeed that, via a very fascinating and entertaining way.

She studied at the School of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and also at the Veaki Drama School, Theatre Acting .
In 2005 she moved to Madrid where she studied Theatrical Direction at the Royal Superior Academy of Drama (RESAD) Post graduate research student on “Stage arts composition” at the University of Ret Juan Carlos in Madrid. 
The last years she is dedicated to the presentation of ancient greek texts in ancient greek language . This period she is presenting “Antigone” of Sophocles in the original ancient greek language & she is teaching the prosodic rythme of ancient greek poetry at workshops in Greece and abroad.She has been researching the musicality of the speech in greek texts and the relation of the triptych Music – Speech – Move in the greek tragedies. 


Georgios Roussis


Nasia Karabela

Artist, art teacher

Eleni Koumartzaki

Natural cosmetics producer

He has studied at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and Florina respectively, at the Department of Sculpture, with a scholarship. He is  ordinary member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. He has created a variety of sculptural works, such as busts, statues, monuments of modern but also classic art, with either bronze or marble. His works make part of numerous private and public collections in Greece and abroad. His latest famous work was the creation of weaponry for the main role of the famous game “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”.
Georgios Roussis served as a member of the Board of UNESCO Hellas and a member of the Board of Directors of the Copyright Entitlement Company in Greece.

Born in Athens   where she currently lives and works  having  her origin  from  the Island Kefalonia .

She holds a Bachelor in Painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2011) where she studied at the laboratories of Professors Ch. Botsoglou, G. Lazogas and M.Spiliopoulos.  She also attended courses of dry-point, sculpture and scenography.

Philosophy  Studies at the University of Goettingen in Germany in 2003 and in 2002 she studied Public Management at the University of Linz in Austria.

From 2012 until today she works as a free lance artist and as an art – teacher in Athens. She has participated in several  - art exhibitions in Greece .

Eleni has decided to produce herbal cosmetics and soaps based on Greek tradition and organic goods. Using exclusively natural materials she created a wonderful collection NGC by Elen (Natural Greek care).
Her products are 100% ecological & biodegradable based on herbs and natural ingredients such as Zeolite, Aloe, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Nettle, Mint and much more.
She mainly uses essential oils, fruit juices, herbs and traditional methods inspired by the ancient greek wellness care. She teaches at IEK schools and she knows the secrets of nature ,Greek plants and herbs for an healthy life.


Augusto Valderve




Business Mentor

Guillermo Ferrara





Patricia Clancy








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